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The Mazzucconi Foundation completes the communication of Vittorio Mazzucconi's works, with the presentation of his latest books.

After having explored his painting and before dealing with his architecture, we see that these books are consistent with the same interior journey that leads the author to oppose the predominance of materialist reason of our time to reaffirm the values of the spirit.

The books are presented in the following exhibitions, with the related illustrative material, readings and debates by appointment.

1967 1 The City in the image and likeness of man

1985 2 The nascent city

1989 3 The idea of the city

2003 4 The Palatine Pyramid

2007 5 The Ark of Man

2001-23 6 Thoughts

2009-12 7 The Convivium

2013-20 8 Getting your bearings

Exhibition no. 8, from 26.02.24 to 10.03.24


Editions of the Place of the Waterfall, 2013.20

It is a series of nine books by Vittorio Mazzucconi: The Journey, The Return to Oneself, The Mirror, The Inner Friend, The Source and the Star, The Golden Head, The Witness, The Egg, The Conscience of soul, born from the author's daily meditations. They do not follow the history of philosophy that is normally taught, but are based on interior life and the observation of reality, in the spontaneous search for being, that is, for the soul and for God. It is a reality made of simple as well as pure things. of the greatest systems, both to be seen as part of the superior harmony of an immense fractal, which is also found in the best human works that are inspired by it.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case since the disorder and hasty transformations of the contemporary world towards an unknown direction are evident. The result is the loss of orientation, while we are prey to countless mistakes, in every field and above all in ourselves. A fracture has been created between the original force that unites the universe, nature and man in a harmonious whole, and the activity of a mind that ignores this living unity, fragmenting it in science, alienating it in an increasingly invasive technology , and orienting man towards abstract values, goods and consumption without limits, entertainment that distances him from himself; without talking about profit, which has become the sole and supreme value to which everything is subordinated. It is a real delirium, which pushes us towards an alien future. The predominance of a materialistic reason, which began with the denial of God and the soul, ends up denying man himself, causing a fundamental imbalance and the probable catastrophe to which it is leading us.

It is therefore urgent to find, in this chaos, the source of an inner guide, which points us to Man, in his true being and in his fulfillment, which we call "Self", the essence to look to despite the errors and the baseness of which we are capable. "Orienting yourself" towards the awareness of this goal is not just the title of a small series of books: it is a necessity! It is the cry that signals its urgency!


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Via Andrea Ponti, 1
20143 Milan


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