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REDISCOVERED LANDSCAPES - Giovanni Gusmeroli + Alberto Pellegatta

ON SHOW from 18 May to 17 June 2023 from Tuesday to Saturday h. 16 -19

VERNISSAGE Thursday 18 May h. 18.30 with the participation of the actor Raffaele R. Farina


The artistic project Landscapes found - conceived by Giovanni Gusmeroli with the poet Alberto Pellegatta - marks the return of the Morbegnese artist to the Manifesto Blanco gallery in Milan, after his 2019 solo show, Hydrophobia .

In this second Milanese exhibition, Gusmeroli and Pellegatta reflect and discuss the many sensations they would like to arouse by proposing the imaginative landscapes painted by Giovanni within an illogical but eloquent sequence, where "... each panel must be considered independently, although inserted in a musical succession" , as suggested by Alberto's poetic syllogues that accompany and interpret each of the pictorial works on display. All together, these paintings constitute the "cartography of a return to impartial amazement", where the description of the places generated by Giovanni's imagination is entrusted to the prose of Alberto, who traces their boundaries, describes their geography, fauna and flora ; the habits and customs of the inhabitants; the past history, the present and the foretelling of future events.

In the 9 papers on display, including some canvassed, Gusmeroli continues that liquid, symbolic and dreamlike path undertaken in his first solo exhibition in 2019, but making the evoked forms move in a sort of ever-changing and ever-changing mental landscape. “They are maps of memory”: this is how the author defines them laconically.

The exhibition is accompanied by a precious book-catalogue, with an introductory text by Marcello Abbiati, who is almost a " baedeker" provided to the visitor to help him orient himself in these virgin and wild territories.

Giovanni Gusmeroli (1985) lives and works in Morbegno. He approaches painting in 2009, immediately becoming passionate about paper and its multiple potential. In the following years he attended the workshops of some of the most important framers and canvas makers. In 2019 he made his debut at Manifiesto Blanco with the solo exhibition "Hydrophobia", participating in the 15th contemporary day, promoted by AMACI. In 2021 it was included in the China-Italy Yearbook of Contemporary Art, published by A60 Contemporary art. In 2022 he participates in the collective "Skyline2", included in the 18th day of the contemporary and promoted by AMACI, with a catalog edited by A60 International art, A60 Contemporary Space gallery - Milan \ Villa Venino - Novate Milanese.

Alberto Pellegatta was born in Milan in 1978. Graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Milan, he made his debut with "Mattinatarga" (LietoColle 2001), to then publish "Ipotesi di felicita" (2017, Fogazzaro Award and Luzi) and "L'ombra della salute" (2011, Premio Meda) in the Mondadori Mirror collection. He won the first edition of the Cetona Biennale Prize and the Amici di Milano Prize.

He writes about art (“The artist, the poet”, Skira 2010 etc.) and collaborates as a critic with newspapers and magazines. He is editorial director of Taut Editori Milano. He was a member of the jury of the San Fedele Art Prize and the Maccagno Prize, focusing his research on young artists. He was the Spanish correspondent of the Swiss magazine «Galatea». Since 2018 he has been a juror of the Cetona Prize.


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Via Benedetto Marcello, 46
20124 Milan


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