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THE STILL ESCAPE - Pierrick Gaumé

 In the wake of his Automorphoses , photographer Pierrick Gaumé continues his work on optical illusions in the real world. With L ' Evasione Immobile , he focuses on the vanishing points and light phenomena he encounters indoors instead of capturing anamorphoses in the city and outdoors.

 Sometimes, these emotions come back from his childhood, they seem like those of dreams and nightmares, of endless or extremely confined spaces, memories of when the artist marveled at reflections in spoons instead of eating and listening at the table.

In doing so, he goes back to the source of his photographic mind. The result is details of a life forced by the lockdowns of 2020, of unusual interiors in Paris and Milan, of reflections with overlapping or enigmatic chiaroscuro that he took during long periods of illness or convalescence.

From 2004 to 2019, Gaumé had to avoid exposing his skin directly and permanently to the sun to reduce the risk of developing and aggravating a malignant melanoma. The mental and physical consequences of this restriction on his health and on his gaze as an artist were heavier than was imaginable.

Like the Automorphoses , the Immobile Evasion 's images are not retouched.

To see the series in the Virtually01 competition finalist exhibition, visit


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Via Benedetto Marcello, 46
20124 Milan


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