The show

INTERACTIONS - Andrea Alkin Reggioli

on display from 24 February to 25 March 2023 from Tuesday to Saturday h. 16 –19 (or by appointment tel. 389 5693638)

VERNISSAGE Thursday 23 February h. 18.30 - Dance performance “Fundamentals 3”


Alkin's artistic research was born, as often happens, from a profound creative crisis. High school training, with the copying of objects, landscapes and nudes from life, had proved ineffective in expressing the artist's inner life, who felt the need to create a personal visual language, with which to represent the themes dear to him, such as the interactions between living organisms and the surrounding environment.

His one-man show at Manifiesto Blanco is structured around an exhibition itinerary divided into 5 sections — the Code, the Structure, the Composition, the Interaction and Fundamentals —, understood as obligatory progressions within a path towards the development of a real own representative system, capable of including multiple artistic languages, such as music and dance, in the representation of articulated themes.

In artistic research, the act of observing is fundamental, and the analytical observation of reality has led Alkin to devise a process of formal synthesis to the minimum terms of the selected subjects and objects, in order to obtain ever new forms. But it is the written codes, such as the drum scores, that really fascinate him: the lines, shapes, dimensions, configurations demonstrate a great formal potential for the development of the new language.

In his artistic production, the musical code undergoes a long series of alterations with the creation of essential visual forms, which correspond to the letters of the alphabet of the new language. To order the visual forms in space and favor their relationships, the artist has started the development of structures on multiple superimposed levels, which recall the harmonic structure of music in the superimposition of different sounds.

Once the visual forms have been inserted into the structures, Alkin proceeds with the elimination of the structures themselves, obtaining intricate compositions of floating elements. The technique used is the "papier collé", paper fragments of different types and colors glued onto cardboard, without the use of other materials.

In the final section of the exhibition it is possible to observe the work Fundamentals , which arises from the application of the artist's personal language.

The visual research, materialized in a series of paintings, acts as a map for the musical and dance production. With Fundamentals , Alkin intends to represent the learning process of a living organism, in different situations of its life. Three dancers — who interpret the Senses, Reasoning and Experience — perform the trajectories obtained from the graphic-rhythmic patterns, in a complete fusion and integration between graphic sign, sound and movement.

Andrea Alkin Reggioli was born in Dobrit in Bulgaria in 1990.

From an early age he showed a particular fondness for drawing, which led him to attend art school. Music also attracts him. Study drums and play in a musical group. After graduating, he preferred an artistic career and enrolled in the three-year degree course in Painting and Visual Arts at NABA, the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. He is dedicated to the search for a personal expressive code in the field of visual arts, suitable for representing his ideas. In 2013 she attended the two-year specialist course in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies. Broaden your artistic horizon by exploring the world of music and dance, start collaborations with musicians and choreographers. In 2015 he presented his performance "Vetem tani arrjj ta kuptoj" at the Venice Biennale, Albanian Pavilion. In 2016 he graduated with honors with the thesis Forms and Sounds in Movement, which highlights the artist's ability to merge different languages in the same creative process, in the creation of performances.


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Via Benedetto Marcello, 46
20124 Milan


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