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The show

Curated by Roberto Borghi

Artist with a past as director of the style office of the Versace maison, Bruno Gianesi contaminates in his works the lessons of the historical avant-gardes (in particular surrealism) with suggestions coming from the world of fashion and the society of communication.
The works presented in this exhibition - which as usual were created not only by painting on fabric, but using the fabric itself as a pictorial material - target the pervasive spread of fake news that infests not only the media system, but now also the daily life of anyone who owns a smartphone. Gianesi considers fake news nothing more than technological evolutions of ancient lies: an underestimated term, because it is considered childish and harmless, which instead in its etymological root refers to an attitude of wickedness (see the German term böse which in Italian means really evil ) and not just the alteration of the truth.
The protagonist of most of the works on display is, with his unmistakable elongated nose, the most emblematic figure of "the one who tells lies". Pinocchio is also a metaphor of the standardized individual who, in his knowledge of reality, depends on those who “pull the strings” of consent. Furthermore, as a puppet, Collodi's literary creature recalls that process of rediscovery The March of the Pinocchi Homage to Gianni Versace of the expressive potential of the puppet, led first by the symbolists then by metaphysics and surrealism, to which Gianesi has always looked with interest. A section of the exhibition instead collects some works that the artist created in homage to Gianni Versace. These works - created for the exhibition “Dialoghi-Dissing. Gianni Versace Magna Grecia Tribute "held at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples in 2017, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the designer's death, and landed as a" Versace Retrospective "in 2018 at the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin - refer to the years of professional life at the Versace maison during which, as Roberto Borghi writes in the presentation text, «Gianesi was trained as an artist, even before being a designer». Sixteen years during which contact with Gianni Versace allowed him to understand how fashion can be a model of authenticity if, as it happened in the past, it manages to be "the search for beauty before consensus, artisan quality before marketing strategy , the creation of an aesthetic model to be proposed to society rather than the exaltation of the most unsightly models arising from society itself ".

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Foro Buonaparte, 67
20121 Milan


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