closed The challenges of Venice.

Curated by: Guido Zucconi, Archivio Progetti

The show

The first M9 “satellite exhibition” of 2021 will be dedicated to The challenges of Venice: architecture and the city in the twentieth century, organized on the occasion of the celebrations for the 1600 years of Venice at the same time as the great exhibition> Venetia 421-2021. Births and rebirths, housed in the Doge's Palace.

The exhibition, curated by Guido Zucconi and Archivio Progetti, Iuav University of Venice, in partnership with the Civic Museums Foundation, will develop one of the most important chapters in the history of Venice, the one dedicated to architectural changes during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

It will be divided into five sections:

I. Venice beyond Venice: the international dimension, the Biennale, the seaside city, where the repositioning of the lagoon city will be presented among the capitals of art and cosmopolitan glamor, from the birth of the Biennale, from the construction of the Lido, the grand hotels and Art Nouveau to date;

II. Venice beyond Venice: the territorial dimension, a city between the lagoon and the mainland against the backdrop of Fascism with the birth of Porto Marghera, of Greater Venice, with the transagunar bridge and infrastructures for mobility, the first expressions of modern architecture up to our days;

III. The international dimension after World War II, with Venice becoming a new crossroads for contemporary arts and architecture with the resumption of the Biennale, Wright and Le Corbusier, conferences, exhibitions and summer schools;

IV. The end of the expansive model, starting from the 1970s, when Venice began to reflect on itself after the loss of population, the great flood of 1966 and the decline of the industrial project. The special law, the committees "for Venice" and the beginning of the age of great restorations, the expansion of the university buildings;

V. After 1980, Venice as an international laboratory for architecture in the new residential dimension tells of the design commitment of the IUAV on the theme of social housing, the PEEP interventions on the outskirts of the city, the search for widespread urban quality;

YOU. Venice, international laboratory for architecture: the new cultural facilities, in which this city dedicated to tourism, art and culture will be presented as an international laboratory for architecture.


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Via Giovanni Pascoli, 11
30171 Mestre


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