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The Draw, Love, Build. The architecture of Sauerbruch Hutton, will present the thirty-year activity of the Sauerbruch Hutton studio, among whose internationally recognized projects is the M9 itself.

Themes such as color, sustainability, attention to the urban context - fundamental issues in Sauerbruch Hutton's architecture - will be declined in an unexpected and fun way.

Thanks to about fifty models, all correlated by a tablet with photographic, audio and video contents, to drawings and samples, the visitor will be able to experience the creations of the Berlin studio. In addition to the presentation of individual projects, the exhibition will highlight the thematic continuities that run throughout the studio's career, connecting buildings and projects scattered throughout Europe.

A special section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the M9 project and the Museo del '900, also through the photographs taken by the photographer Alessandra Chemollo, who has immortalized the area since 2008, at the time of its acquisition by the Venice Foundation, and has then documented all the phases of the construction work, up to the inauguration in 2018.

The documentary by director Harun Farocki Sauerbruch Hutton (2013), dedicated to the poetics and work of the Berlin studio, will also be screened as part of the exhibition.


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Via Giovanni Pascoli, 11
30171 Mestre


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Until 25 September 2022

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