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The exhibition RESSENTIMENT / RISENTIMENT analyzes the emotional state that, like few others, characterizes the present time, through the works of thirteen international contemporary artists: Teodora Axente, Francesca Grilli, Massimo Grimaldi, Klara Lidén, Christian Niccoli, Riccardo Previdi, Liesl Raff, Monika Sosnowska, Barbara Tavella, Beatrice Volpi, Raul Walch, Gernot Wieland.

The exhibition, curated by Christiane Rekade , is part of an interdisciplinary collaboration between KUNST MERAN MERANO ARTE, the association and string ensemble Conductus and the alphabeta publishing house. Starting from a reflection on what is the deeper meaning of resentment, the three institutions investigate it from a literary, musical and artistic point of view, proposing a series of events and initiatives.

The term resentment, from the French ressentir, literally indicates a feeling that lasts over time, that repeats itself, a form of hidden and repeated rancor. The German dictionary Duden defines it as “a prejudice, a sense of inferiority or akin, based on an often unconscious emotional aversion”.


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Via dei Portici, 163
39012 Merano


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Until 29 January 2023

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