closed Culture in motion

Curated by: Markus Neuwirth, Ursula Schnitzer

The show

The exhibition tells the story of the changes in the art scene of the city of Merano

In fact, the works of 45 artists return a constant transformation, characterized by the coexistence of a complex cultural development of far-reaching even with moments of radical rupture.

This process was not the result of a sterile internal competition, but rather the result of a fruitful exchange between artists rooted in the territory and artists active not only in the city, operating both in Merano and internationally.


The traces of a common dialogue emerge both in group exhibitions and in works, such as performances and actions, made by several hands. Painting, sculpture, photography and object art offer us an eloquent testimony of the scene of these years.


The period between 1965 and 1990 was characterized by a strong critical but fundamentally positive push. The political clash - finally conducted in a non-violent way by the institutions after the so-called "years of the bombs" - the demands linked to the movement of '68 combined with a strong desire for modernity, have led to significant transformations in various cultural spheres.


The renewed stability has therefore favored a wide range of cultural events and a strong internationalization, intended as a broadening of horizons; at the same time there has been a progressive professionalization of many artists through academies, universities, stays abroad and exhibitions. Furthermore, in recent years, new figures of critics and collectors have increasingly emerged, capable of giving visibility in a careful way to new developments, both on a social level and on the media.


Thanks to these conditions, not only have different artistic genres been able to flourish, but a dense network of relationships, exhibition opportunities and meetings has also developed. The exhibition also testifies to a generational change that involved transformations, exchanges and friendships, offering an insight into both the historical context of the time and the often rebellious political ideas of some of these artists.

The confrontation and tension between these very different personalities leads to the unfolding of multiple moments of development, amazement, curiosity and intriguing proximity.


Works on display

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Via dei Portici, 163
39012 Merano


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