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On 26 November, at 18, at the MUSMA – Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Matera – in via San Giacomo (Sasso Caveoso), the Oedipus exhibition opens. Cruelty and expiation organized by the Zètema Foundation of Matera, in collaboration with Civita Mostre and the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo in Syracuse. The exhibition is curated by Antonio Calbi , scientific director of the Zètema Foundation.

The exhibition originates from the exhibition on the myth of Oedipus created by the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo in Syracuse, again curated by Antonio Calbi, former superintendent of the National Institute of Ancient Drama, as part of the 2022 season at the Greek Theater in Syracuse. Twenty contemporary authors interpret the figure of Oedipus, each according to their own language and poetics, confronting one of the most emblematic characters of Western theater and culture. Within the evocative setting of Palazzo Pomarici, in its rooms and hypogea, the works of internationally renowned artists such as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mimmo Paladino, Emilio Isgrò, Alfredo Pirri, Vettor Pisani, Hermann Nitsch, Umberto Passeretti, Alfredo Romano, Michele Ciacciofera, Giuseppe Pulvirenti, Giovanni Migliara, Vasilis Vassiliades , alongside those of younger artists such as Matteo Basilè, Stefania Pennacchio, Mimmo Centonze, Stefano Ricci, Nicola Toce, Cristina Martin, Leo Kalbinsky , dialogue with the sculptures of the permanent collection of MUSMA.

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Via San Giacomo
75100 Matera


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