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Saturday, October 8, 2022 , the Contemporary Day returns, the great event promoted by AMACI - Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums created with the support of the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, and the collaboration of the Directorate General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The MUSMA - Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Matera, associated with AMACI , proposes for Saturday 8 October an ad hoc program characterized, as always happens on the occasion of the Contemporary Day, by free admissions and free participation in all initiatives. The exhibition L'abbecedario della mente will be inaugurated in the Sala della Grafica of Palazzo Pomarici, seat of the Museum. With art, it is no joke that the artist Saverio Todaro and the MOON - Museum of Narranti Objects in Potenza will be the protagonists. To celebrate the eighteenth birthday of the Contemporary Day, the MOON will exhibit eighteen objects from its museum that will be illustrated by Saverio Todaro. The choice of objects will be linked to their etymological origin which will refer to sustainability and nature. Todaro will design the cards of the Abbecedario defining new rules to “re_learn” to read and write a new sustainable and ecological language. The event is aimed with particular attention to the new generations, with the aim of stimulating new creative perspectives, following an analogue approach between objects, language and symbols of the infosphere. Saverio Todaro and the heads of the MOON will welcome visitors and guide them to the participatory knowledge of the ABC. Furthermore, it will be possible to participate in guided tours of Palazzo Pomarici and the MUSMA collection together with the curator Simona Spinella and the head of didactic Brunella Miglio.

Saverio Todaro was born in Bern in 1970, where he spent his childhood. He completed his studies in Turin, at the Liceo Artistico and at the Academy of Fine Arts in the course of Sculpture. Inspired by the codes of biology and communication, he began exhibiting typewriters, cut tables and steel DNA in the early nineties. In the second millennium, with the spread of the Internet, a planetary revolution takes place and Biopower takes on a pervasive dimension. Currently his research is attracted by the scenarios that emerge from the global connection and the control he exercises over the world: the management of knowledge, the identity of the subject, social relations, economics, religion, the history that man today writes in the ether.

The MOON - Museum of Narranti Objects is a project conceived by the Cultural Association La luna al leasaglio, Ceas Center for Environmental Education and Sustainability recognized by the Basilicata Region, and the Salone dei Rifiutati by the Social Cooperative, in the old wholesale building of toys, on the outskirts of the city of Potenza. It is a space open to the community, created to accommodate temporary exhibitions, artistic productions, workshops, residences, seminars and learning projects for schools and social workers. The MOON bears in its name the desire to create opportunities for encounter and amazement through creative processes that see everyday objects and their possible stories, between familiarity and creativity. In order to promote sustainable development through art and beauty, the MOON offers spaces and services to companies, professionals, schools, public bodies, realities of the cultural and educational sector and opens its spaces and exhibitions in order to organize educational programs and networking activities based on different needs. The MOON is a cultural center that hosts events, meetings, collaborations, consultancy and planning.


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