The Masino Castle is located on a hill in the center of Ivrea flat and is surrounded by an immense park in which a hedge maze is placed. The grand building has been home to one of the most illustrious families of the Piedmont Valperga, descending into myth by Arduino, known in legend as the first King of Italy: a thousand years of history are told in a path between all frescoed halls and furnished. Over the centuries the illustrious family converted the castle into an aristocratic residence, then in the elegant residence of the village. To tell this glorious past are the frescoed rooms and furnished with luxury, rooms for ambassadors, private apartments, lounges, terraces, a fine display of seventeenth and eighteenth century culture which found expression even in environments dedicated to the celebration of knowledge as the valuable library which houses more than 25 thousand ancient volumes. Around, a monumental romantic park with one of the largest mazes in Italy, a majestic tree-lined, wide glades and spectacular corners that spring flood of exceptional blooms.

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