The Buonaccorsi Palace Museum is located in the center of the city of Macerata and is home to the modern and contemporary art museum. The Museum was founded in 1967 after the acquisition of the municipality of Macerata. The Palace is an area that hosted the castrum and the sacred temple. The building was built in the fourteenth century by the will of Buonaccorsi noble family. In 1697 the Roman architect Giovan Battista Contini, a pupil of Bernini, was commissioned by Simo Buonaccorsi to create a new residence by combining the nearest houses. The interiors of the palace retrace the Baroque and Rococo styles with the history of the Marriage of Bacchus and Ariadne and the Aeneid Shop by Michelangelo Ricciolini. The collection of modern and contemporary art includes artists from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. Among the most important artists stand out: Carlo Crivelli, Federico Zuccari, Carlo Maratta, Enrico Prampolini, Emilio Vedova and Osvaldo Licini.

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