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The symbolic imagery of the two Roman artists compared in the Lu.C.C.A. Lounge & Underground from 29 September to 18 October 2020. 

Reinventing language through a completely personal code that responds to aesthetic and emotional rather than functional needs. After all, this is the "serious" game that the artists Marco Angelini and Andrea Pinchi have fun facing in the bi-solo show entitled "The abstract tension of signs", curated by Raffaella Salato, which will open its doors on Tuesday 29 September 2020 in Lu.CCA Lounge & Underground. The exhibition, with free admission until 18 October 2020, is sponsored by the Municipality of Lucca with the support of Deva Connection. The official inauguration will be held on Saturday 3 October 2020 at 5 pm in the presence of the artists.


In semiotics, the sign is defined as "something that stands for something else, to someone in some way". This is the starting point for the work of Angelini and Pinchi, who focus not so much on natural signs - which were not created to mean something, but which refer to other objects - or on artificial signs - created for communication and therefore to transmit a concept -, but on another category of signs. As the curator Raffaella Salato explains, the exhibition "intends to give a new and original interpretation of that category of knowledge of signs which - according to the theory of Charles Sanders Peirce - is defined as 'symbolic signs' or 'codes'. In the case of symbolic signs or codes, in fact, the relationship existing between meaning and signifier is arbitrary, as opposed to what happens in the presence of iconic signs (in which the signifier is similar to the meaning) or index signs (in which there is a connection physics between signifier and signified). "

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Via della Fratta, 36
55100 Lucca


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