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The installation paintings and sculptures of the two Tuscan artists on display from June 2 to July 26, 2020 in Lu.C.C.A. Lounge & Underground


Matter that transforms, contaminates itself and becomes a pretext for reflections on human things and the supernatural. Marcela Bracalenti and Isabella Scotti have fun playing with their own expressive medium, giving life to one of paintings-installations and the other to sculptures that arise from the mixture of the most different materials. Their works produce "Alchimie", as the title of their collective exhibition exhibited in the Lu.C.C.A Lounge & Underground from 2 June to 26 July 2020 with free admission.


"Those of Marcela Bracalenti and Isabella Scotti - writes the director of Lu.C.C.A. Maurizio Vanni - they are two apparently dissonant worlds, two antithetical styles (one informal and the other figurative), two aesthetic results at the antipodes. But if we assume that neither looks for aesthetic answers, the perceptual path could prove even more interesting. Their approach to the visual arts is similar in that it is transformed into an instrument that, in progress, has to do with what we might call metamorphosis, continuous evolution or, more simply, alchemical process ".

The artistic outcome of their works is based on the process of transmutation of metals into gold, dear to alchemical science, according to which the creation, corrupted due to original sin, tends to return to the original perfection, just like the metals that change towards the most noble form of their species or gold. "Bracalenti's compositions, increasingly jutting and pervasive - Vanni underlines - seem to rotate in a slow centripetal vortex that attracts objects contaminating them with matter, aggregating them with the surface and transmuting everything through light". His works-installations tend to expand outside the confines of the wooden support and act as a catalyst for external elements and then return attention to the interior of the painting itself.



“Scotti's sculptural structures - continues Vanni - could be considered a hymn to nature because they are connected to the four primary elements. The forms, more or less figurative and essential, become pretexts for an investigation that goes beyond the surface of things, which is sublimated in the conscious use of symbols that moves perception from the emotional to the brain sphere. Isabella transforms the material into a form that meets the chromatic patina and the surface and then joins the light, the supreme beauty. The result is volumes in the round that must not explain or narrate anything, but suggest paths of knowledge and self-knowledge ".

Marcela Bracalenti and Isabella Scotti experience matter, the evolution of forms and the transformation of objects. "On the one hand - concludes Vanni -, in Scotti's works, the individual, symbol of life and of the passing time, cyclically reappears making us reflect on the most relevant issues of our being; on the other hand, in the works of Bracalenti, matter, both fluid and solid, concrete and spiritual, ephemeral and eternal, pushes us to never take anything for granted and not to dwell on the appearance of things ".

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Via della Fratta, 36
55100 Lucca


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