The Museum Of Lodi

The Museum of Lodi was inaugurated in 1868. The purpose was to collect and preserve the archaeological finds discovered in the territory of Lodi Vecchio and the paintings of the Lodi school from churches or collected by the city. After 1954 the museum was divided into several sections: an archaeological, a ceramic and Risorgimento. The Art Gallery has a collection that includes works from the fourteenth to the twentieth century. The sixteenth-century pictorial culture Lodi is represented by Alberto painters, Martin and Callisto Piazza. We find even the likes of Camillo Procaccini, Francesco Hayez, Osvaldo Bignami Carlo Zaninelli. The ceramic collection consists of excavation finds from the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries factories belonging to Lodi, Pavia and other centers of northern Italy. Among the main flowery ceramic schools in Lodi belong Antonio Maria Coppellotti, Giorgio Giacinto Rossetti, Simpliciano and Giacinto Ferretti and Dossena. The Bronze Age artifacts, kits of Roman tombs and cremation Kit Lombard tomb Dover is an important body of finds in Lodi Vecchio.

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Corso Umberto I, 63
26900 Lodi

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