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In line with the evolution of recent years, the Lissone Design Award 2019 reconfirms the direct invitation formula and supports the prize section with a rich program of themed exhibitions. Sifting through stories, ideas and identities, the seventh edition of the Lissone Design Award maintains a very close connection with the history of the City and the Lissone Museum, intending to explore the events of the past in order to be able to reflect and understand the most current research.

The thematic area of ​​the 2019 edition is part of a liminal research, in which the disciplines fade into each other; design and visual arts (which correspond to the double vocation of the MAC of Lissone) question the concept of "amnesia". The six invitations issued to individual authors and / or work groups involve Martina Brugnara, Duccio Maria Gambi, Simona Pavoni and the collective bn + BRINANOVARA, Nucleo, Parasite 2.0, a short list of names including the Jury - formed by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Beppe Finessi and Alberto Zanchetta - will decide this year's winner.

I bn + BRINANOVARA propose Set Elements for an Ancient Memory, an installation that evokes the museum reconstruction of fragments from Greek sculptures. Martina Brugnara exhibits the complete series of her Housings, containers that turn into their own contents. Duccio Maria Gambi presents the Cold War collection composed of objects that combine cement and ceramic coverings. The Turin collective NUCLEO selected some furnishings that were located in the apartment where the last generation of Futurists met, hiding and adding temporal gaps in them in the form of solidification. The Parasite 2.0 nominates for the award a marble chair that can be assembled in different configurations, some elements of the Ugly-ism series characterized by a deformed and dysfunctional aesthetic, and then they cover with the adhesive tape of the scrap furniture. Simona Pavoni shows the Custodia cycle, a series of sculptures that wrap fragile raw clay architectures (small "protections" that satisfy the need to heal and preserve).

On the fringes of the prize section, the MAC of Lissone hosts six other exhibition projects that propose works, objects, site-specific interventions, documents and period photographs that insist on the concept of Amnesia, in the hope of remembering rather than forgetting.



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VIII Premio Lissone Design

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