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The show

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone and the Cortesi Gallery are pleased to announce the personal exhibition of Maurizio Donzelli, which can only be visited by reservation starting from June 13th.


The exhibition project was specially designed by the artist for the spaces of the Museum, creating an immersive environment where the works dialogue in a close and poetic comparison between subjects and materials. For the first time, in fact, Donzelli proposes a conceptual path where the same image is declined using different techniques: acrylic on paper, the mirror, the tapestry, the resinated acrylic.


Inside the exhibition, two different iconographies, one turning in shades of blue and green, the other in the gray scale, react based on their supports to involve the viewer in a slow and careful contemplation, thus demonstrating the complexity of the image in relation to matter, space and time.


On the opposite side, another image, which from white thickens into black, dialogues between paper, texture and resin, between absorbency and reflectance, making the visual pattern now projecting towards the viewer, now reluctant to reveal itself at first glance .


The title of the exhibition, THRESHOLDS, refers to the intrinsic qualities of the artist / alchemist: a true inventor of images, capable of working on their latency (between appearance and trans-formation), on their origin and deviation from a defined and closed form , intertwining their times and visual geographies. THRESHOLDS also encompasses the viewer's idea of ​​crossing the "threshold of art", whose gaze is involved in a close relationship with the works that the artist wants free and spontaneous, in a relationship of reciprocity and discovery go on.


Works on display

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Viale Elisa Ancona, 6
20035 Lissone


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