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Giuseppe Monguzzi grew up keeping in mind and in his eyes the paintings of the historic Premio Lissone. At only twenty-two he gets the privilege of participating in the most important edition of the Lissone Prize, that of 1961, in the informative-experimental section dedicated to the latest generation of young people. At that time she was a young promise, but over the decades she continued to persevere, confirming long expectations and great expectations. Soon after leaving figurative painting, Monguzzi then turned to gesture and expressiveness of color. His paintings are in fact solved with dense and intense brushstrokes, which give the canvas a strong dynamism and an energetic tension. Color is certainly the dominant note of the artist, a color that defines a poetic and that the artist himself is keen to point out: «Every experiment, every research must deal with what one is and with that heritage of ideas and culture that you have it behind your back. All this also in the unconscious complexity that each of us possesses. Making a visual sensation concrete, this is the most difficult and exciting moment for a painter, this constant search, this continuously undressing in front of the white canvas, always with the fear of - not - finding the balance of the two poles. The gesture that becomes a sign, a provocative gesture of violation, of desecration, up to the unforeseen - towards an unknown who is already all inside the magma of his own life».

His first anthology dedicated him to Palazzo Vittorio Veneto in 1986, recognizing Monguzzi as having achieved the maturity of an artistic journey that cannot exclude him from the ranks of the great. In 2008 he returned to the attention of his fellow citizens with an exhibition at the Lissone Museum that celebrated "Fifty years of painting", offering an overview of his work in a journey that began in the 1950s and went on to more recent years; this is a worthy crowning and recognition of an autonomous and mature research, certainly passionate. On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, the municipal administration intended to pay homage to the artist for the third time, giving voice to his (secret) passion for painting. A passion that is his whole life, as shown by some small paintings of the late seventies that introduce the great paintings of the following decades. About twenty works, specifically chosen, have been identified as a corollary of the three paintings preserved in the Museum: Segrete Passioni (1985) which inspired the title of this same exhibition, Omaggio a García Lorca (1988) which for the occasion is accompanied by three unpublished paintings of the same cycle, up to the vertical momentum of the recent Ascension (2005).

The administration's commitment, always attentive to the testimonies of the territory, is also a vivid recognition of Giuseppe Monguzzi's instinctive gesture and taste for color. The exhibition dedicated to him is, not by chance, housed in the Gino Meloni room, the one who formed it and was baptized in the pictorial discipline. Meloni had written of him that «Monguzzi prefers an intense painting of meanings, rich, dominated by a desire to penetrate the realities, to grasp some more austere aspects of the landscape, he is not interested in the airy transparency and the sweetness of color, but the dense atmospheres of poetic mood ".

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