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The show

Curated by Davide Crippa and Alberto Zanchetta

Together with the enrichment of the new collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone, the exhibition Come il casco per i Kamkaze is part of the planning of the Republic of Design, which will be installed in the Bovisa area of Milan in the month of April.

The idea of this project is inspired by a small collection of white vases, which one of the two curators keeps on a shelf in the maternal house. Since these furnishings never satisfied a utilitarian function, Crippa and Zanchetta wondered if, in effect, an empty vase is not the equivalent of the helmet worn by the kamikaze. That is to say, a useless object.

The two curators are so agreed in affirming that the container does not perform an ornamental function, on the contrary: it is opportune to sacrifice the floral element so that each vase reflects its own semantic content.

Among the authors involved in this exhibition are distinguished exponents of both the visual arts and design. Ivan Baj, Gianluca Codeghini, Alberto Gianfreda, Christian Gonzebach, Suzanne Kutter, Alberto Mugnaini, Marcello Panza, Andrea Salvatori and Alessandro Zambelli have in fact accepted the invitation to exhibit vases that are forbidden to use, but whose forms and intentions can be appreciated. techniques and materials.

Potentially destined to contain flowers, leaves, buds and water, these vases can be considered "unattainable vessels" because they do not need anything: they are sufficient for themselves. The intent of the exhibition is to convert the concept of emptiness into a "returnable vase", that is, returned to its self-sufficient and self-referential dignity. Like the helmet for the Kamikazes, even the vases can finally free themselves from their conventions.

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