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Starting from the architecture of the atrium of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lissone, and taking into account the variations made to the previous projects of the building, the ATRII Collective has set up a workshop focused on the theme of the Standard , here understood as habit and practice, homologation to a norm and possible cultural factor.

ATRII® is a collective project - as well as a Cultural Association - which investigates, through contemporary art, the concept of atrium or entrance hall from a procedural and theoretical point of view. The invited artists participate in workshops linked to the peculiarities of the host place, comparing their artistic research with an atrium, intended as an existing or hypothetical space; starting from this relationship they design a series of procedural and dialectical works that put art in close contact with the place and its inhabitants. The goal is to create an unusual comparison between artist, space, client and public, hypothesizing new possibilities and channels of use for contemporary art.

The projects presented at the MAC in Lissone investigate the void, the gap (resulting spaces), the graft between the elements present in the place. Through different languages and approaches, the four artists develop their research touching relational, emotional and socio-cultural aspects.

The interventions are documentary, photographic, installation, sculptural and are located within the space of the museum atrium, which for the occasion will be reactivated in its original function, which fell into disuse about ten years ago. The research was extended to the territory and local history, with particular attention to the architecture of the former Palazzo del Mobile in Lissone, which was a symbol of the city and its economy. Part of the work is therefore unanimous, that is, it involves all four artists, triggering a link between them and with the territory, making use of the collaboration of the Director of the Museum.

Part of the material exhibited, combined with the rest of the artists' personal research, will subsequently be included in the ATRII Open Archive, a dynamic and atypical archive that contains constantly evolving projects, destined to change while waiting to be realized. The Open Archive of ATRII, kept at the Cittadella degli Archives of Milan, is proposed as a model for the recovery of commissions towards the Artists, understood as central figures of the cultural and educational activities of the territories. At the same time as the "ATRII / Mubilia" exhibition, the ATRII Open Archive will be moved to the museum bookshop area and made accessible outside of its usual mode of use.

On the occasion of this new project, hosted for the first time in a museum and designed specifically for the city of Lissone, the Collective has invited a new artist: Cristiano Tassinari, while Chiara Campanile, Gianni Moretti and Alice Pedroletti continue the research already present in archive.

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Viale Elisa Ancona, 6
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