The Archaeological Park and Museum "Luigi Bernabo Brea" and is located in the heart of the island of Lipari, Sicily. The museum is located inside the castle complex in the city, overlooking the city. The museum was created after World War II and was named after Luigi Bernabo Brea. A Brea will have the archaeological excavations in the territory of the Aeolian islands and, therefore, the discovery of many artefacts. The museum has about 40 rooms divided into sections: prehistoric, classical, epigraphic, the smaller islands, Volcanology and paleontological. The collection tells the history of the area through the Archaic artifacts, classical, Roman and Byzantine. Of great interest are the remains found in the greek necropolis - Roman and the smaller islands of Lipari (Punta Milazzese Panarea Capo Graziano Filicudi). In environments they are also exposed architectural remains and sculptures in marble and stone, funerary objects, grave steles, stone sarcophagi, tombstones and vases showing the evolution of the funeral cult. Today, the museum houses the art and archeology library, temporary exhibitions and educational workshops.

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Via Castello, 2
98050 Lipari

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