The Sforza Fortress of Imola is a splendid example of fortified architecture from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. On the perimeter of the original structure s'impostavano nine quadrangular towers, only a tenth tower, the tower, still stands at the center of the inner courtyard. The Church of Rome, the noble families of Alidosi, Visconti then of the Manfredi led Imola and Rocca. However, it is the late fifteenth century that started with the full Sforza Renaissance transformation of the building. Starting from 1480 the square corner towers were incorporated within new and thicker circular towers able to resist the blows of the mortars, and also started the construction of a residence, the Palazzetto. In 1502 he resorted to the advice of Leonardo da Vinci to inspect the forts romagnole including that Imola: it is testimony of the Imola plant that Leonardo stretched, where it is clearly visible even the Rocca. Made up of about six hundred pieces of weapons, defensive and fire, the collection is only partially linked to the building's history. Of the original arms of the fortress survive only a few cannonballs and stone remains of weapons and armor fourteenth century from earthworks and the water well of the keep. The exhibited ceramics were all found in the fortress during the restoration work starting in 1960 and are the only tangible evidence of life inside the fortress.

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Piazzale Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere
40026 Imola

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