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The show

The SplendOri exhibition starts. Luxury in ornaments in Herculaneum, the first major exhibition of the Archaeological Park of Herculaneum inside the Antiquarium of the Park, also for the first time open to the public which will open its doors to the public starting from 20 December 2018.

A collection of about 100 jewels and precious items, unique in terms of quantity and value of the pieces on display, is presented to the public on the very site of the discovery; objects that belonged to the ancient Herculaneers, some found with the inhabitants in an attempt to save them from the imminent catastrophe of the eruption, others found in the houses of the ancient city. Each exhibited material, a messenger of a history of ancient craftsmanship and manufacturing, of rank and symbol, of protection and beauty, as well as of the additional value acquired by having belonged to an inhabitant and being involved in the tragedy of the city destroyed by the fury of the Vesuvius.

The themes of wealth, social economic value and beauty will therefore represent the contents of the exhibition itinerary that finds its home in the Antiquarium of the Archaeological Park, for the first time it is open to the public at the end of adaptation works, with particular reference to the safety of the finds and environmental conditions, for the most part imposed by the many years that have passed since the by now distant date of testing of this building in 1978.

Works on display

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Corso Resina, 187
80056 Herculaneum


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