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Gubbio Effect: "VISIBILIA, how to make the invisible visible" a great exhibition that is part of the annual program of Palazzo Ducale, in which attention for Renaissance art alternates with a focus on contemporary, to respond to the multiple interests of a qualified public.

The rarefied almost suspended atmosphere of time in Gubbio was the triggering principle of this project which brings together 36 artists of three generations, from the seventies to today who work around the themes of knowledge, reflection on the meaning of life and time, of its passing, fragility, evanescence and transience. By carefully observing their works, one can find something magical that runs through them and that refers, albeit in their differences, to a suspended atmosphere, in a more spiritual relationship with matter and reality.

With this exhibition we intend to give a clear image of this trend not yet themed, but which is amply demonstrated by the presence of three generations who work with a similar look at reality in a spirit that unites them. This unanimity tends to overcome a sort of fragmentation that has been running through contemporary art for several years and sees appearances prevail over research, economics over real value. As in Eastern philosophical thought and according to the principle of impermanence underlying the construction of mandalas, some 'site specific' works will only live for the time of the exhibition.

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Via della Cattedrale, 1
06024 Gubbio


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