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Soleritown is the result of a research carried out in 2006 by photographers Emanuele Piccardo and Filippo Romano to investigate, through photography, the American works of the Turin architect Paolo Soleri (Turin 1919-Paradise Valley 2013).

Soleri left Italy in 1946 to participate in the Frank Lloyd Wright Fellowship, the school of the master of organic architecture, in the Arizona desert at Taliesin West. After his experience at Wright's court, Soleri embarks on an autonomous path that leads him to theorize Arcology, that is the union of architecture and ecology, whose formalization takes place with the construction of Cosanti and Arcosanti. Through the journey, the photographers recount the utopia achieved by Soleri in first building Cosanti, in the suburbs of Phoenix, and then the open community of Arcosanti in Yavapai County, a new city of foundation alternative to the metropolis in close contact with wild nature.

Soleri's architectural research, immediately after Taliesin West, manifests itself in 1955 with the experimentation of the village of Cosanti (Cosa-Anti), where he uses domed shapes for the houses and common spaces, entirely made of exposed reinforced concrete. An attitude that is confirmed and expanded in his idea of ​​an ideal city: Arcosanti.

The exhibition, which develops in the museum's temporary exhibition rooms, includes 50 photographs of the American works of the architect Paolo Soleri made in the Arizona desert and portrayed by Piccardo and Romano, together with the projection of the drawings and photographs of the construction sites of the architectures. In the permanent exhibition dedicated to the indigenous Hopi population of Arizona, 4 photographic works by Piccardo and Romano will be set up, which will dialogue with the elements of native culture. In addition, a video interview with Paolo Soleri will be screened in the same space.


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Corso Dogali, 18
16100 Genova


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