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From the myth of Arachne to the superhero Spiderman , between legends and folklore are you ready to overcome the human imagination and discover the fantastic world of spiders? To embark on a journey that will lead you to break down fears and get to know a wonderful reality of nature?

Then do not miss the opportunity to visit “ Spiders ”, the extraordinary exhibition of spiders, scorpions, solifuge and amblipigius uropygies, hosted at the Civic Museum of Natural History “G. Doria " , from 30 April to 25 September 2022 . No more secrets, you can really find out everything about their anatomy, their diversity, poison, silk and their behavior. Spiders are an order of the Arachnids and include more than 50,000 species, thus representing a fundamental element of biodiversity; their important role in different ecosystems around the world is truly fascinating; among the most versatile animals on the planet, spiders populate all continents except Antarctica and are able to survive in all environments, from deserts to rainforests to crowded metropolises.

After the introductory section with panels full of scientific information, you enter the large hall with the display of live animals: these are 60 terrariums made specifically to house the largest spiders in the world (40 species of tarantulas), and numerous species of other Arachnids (scorpions, uropygies, solifuges and amblipiges).

But the real stars of the show are the 4 species of black widows (genus Latrodectus) which owe their name to the fact that sometimes the female, after mating, kills the male.

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