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closed A distant utopia.

Curated by: Alessandro Castiglioni

The show

From 22 September to 29 December 2019, the MA*GA Museum in Gallarate (VA) hosts an exhibition presenting works from the museum collection and institutions such as the Angelo Bozzola Foundation in Novara, the JSA Manufacture in Busto Arsizio, Moshe Tabibnia Galleria and the Textile Art Research Center of Milan, relating to the period of development and the affirmation of geometric abstraction in Italy, between the thirties and sixties.

The project "A distant utopia", curated by Alessandro Castiglioni, highlights the multidisciplinary nature, utopian and able to overcome the boundaries of the visual arts of the concrete project, and enter into dialogue with literature, architecture and design.

The path opens with an analysis of the abstract research developed between the two wars, with particular attention to the Como and Milan area, with works by Mario Radice and Atanasio Soldati, but also photographic interventions that document particularly significant architectures such as the Asylum Sant'Elia by Giuseppe Terragni in Como.

The second section focuses on the birth of the MAC in 1948 by Gillo Dorfles, Bruno Munari, Atanasio Soldati and Gianni Monnet. The body of works relating to the MAC outlines a detailed and highly critical and documentary panorama of what was an extraordinary historical moment for the birth of concrete abstract pictorial language in Italy and for its connections with design, architecture and the aesthetic re-foundation of taste.

These historical works also interact with the unpublished project by Valentina Casalini, who in the last year worked on the photographic documentation of QT8, starting from a residence project promoted by the Biennale of Young Artists of the Mediterranean and by the Municipality of Milan.

The third part documents the developments of the MAC following its transformation between 1952 and 1953 and the development of abstractionism in Italy until the definitive dissolution of the movement in 1958. In this context, relations with the nascent industrial design will be explored and object production starting from hybrid authors such as Bruno Munari and Angelo Bozzola up to designers such as Magistretti, Sambonet, Sottsass, Campi.

The itinerary ends with a focus on textile production. Here will be taken into consideration some interventions by Italian abstractionists who have collaborated with Lombard industries in the production of precious textile materials used above all in furnishing. This is the case of Bruno Munari with the Manufacture JSA of Busto Arsizio and Luigi Veronesi with the Atelier of Textile Art of Elio Palmisano.

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