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From 5 June to 25 September 2022 , the MA * GA in Gallarate (VA) presents Screens. Screen cultures and moving images , the XXVI edition of the Gallarate Prize which, for the first time in its history, investigates the relationship between contemporary artistic production in Italy and the area linked to video.

The award was given to Rossella Biscotti, Adelita Husni-Bey, Chiara Fumai, Mario Rizzi, Invernomuto, Silvia Rosi, Vega, Natalia Trejbalova and Vashish Soobah, whose works will expand the collections of the MA * GA Museum. The concept of the award was developed by Simone Frangi and Cristiana Perrella, members of the scientific commission in which Marina Bianchi, Vittoria Broggini, Alessandro Castiglioni, Emma Zanella and Luciana Zaro also participate. Screens opens with a recognition for the career of Mario Gorni and Zefferina Castoldi for their documentary work on Italian artistic production linked to moving images. In particular, documentaries and interviews made between 1987 and 2020 will be presented.

The path continues with the works of Rossella Biscotti, Adelita Husni-Bey, Mario Rizzi, Invernomuto, Silvia Rosi , authors that the scientific commission considered essential to enrich the collection of the MA * GA. To these is added a work by Chiara Fumai deposited in the museum thanks to an agreement with The Church of Chiara Fumai. A third section, made possible also with the support of private institutions and public bodies, is dedicated to the acquisition of emerging practices. In this line, the works of Vega, Natalia Trejbalova (Academy Young Award) and Vashish Soobah (Award in memory of Francesco Aspesi) have been selected.

"The idea of dedicating the Gallarate Prize to 'screen cultures' - says Simone Frangi - was born from the reading of What is Visual Culture ?, an introduction to the first international reader dedicated to contemporary visual culture published in 1998, in which Nicholas Mirzoeff states that the essential characteristic of post-modern culture, that is of a culture that has abdicated the privilege of the text and its printed circulation, is precisely the continuous phenomenon of visualization, or rather of translation into images of entities that are not visual in themselves ".

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