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From 10 October to 13 December 2020, the MA * GA Museum in Gallarate (VA) hosts the personal exhibition of Marzia Migliora, entitled Lo ghetto di Malthus, curated by Matteo Lucchetti.


The exhibition revolves around the project, realized thanks to the support of the Italian Council, mostly set in the Sicilian rock salt mines of Petralia and Racalmuto, formed about 6 million years ago.


The Spectrum of Malthus is the ideal conclusion of the research cycle of recent years, which Marzia Migliora has dedicated to the analysis of the relationship between the production of food, commodities and surplus value of the capitalist model and to the exploitation of human, animal and mineral resources. Themes evoked from the title of the proposed project in which Laurea recalls the theory enunciated by Thomas Malthus, English economist and demographer (1766-1834), who theorized, already at the end of the eighteenth century, the problem of unsustainability between population growth and food production, indicating as consequences of monocultures and industrial farming, possible famines and pandemics at a global level.


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Via Egidio de Magri, 1
21013 Gallarate


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