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Curated by: Guido Molinari

The show

Francavilla al Mare (Chieti), 17 July 2020. Francesco Alberico's modification of the objects that surround us, the perception of alienating déjà-vu caused by the paintings of Thomas Braida, the visionary works of the duo Calori & Maillard, the abstract forms and sensitive that conceal an anthropomorphic dimension of Sara Enrico, Maurizio Finotto's ex votos, the visual magma that escapes the predictable and logic of Enej Gala, the material surfaces of Valerio Nicolai, the pleasant charm that comes from a more penetrating look in the works by Serena Vestrucci.


Thirty, overall, are the artists selected for the 71st edition of the Michetti Prize and who from 18 July to 30 September 2020 exhibit their works in the exhibition The halo in things: feel the habitat, curated by Guido Molinari, housed in the spaces of the Michetti Museum in Francavilla al Mare (Chieti) thanks to the efforts of the Michetti Foundation and the city of Francavilla.


The halo in things: feeling the habitat underlines how everything that surrounds us can constitute a point of contact with our inner dimension. The emotional intensity emanating from the objects, from their shape, is perceived by the artists as a sort of sacred aura to be reinterpreted through their works. Some objects are evocative because they are part of what is lived, others are interesting for their shape or because, combined with others, they lead to a particular emotion. Finally, many become the subject of the work itself and the perception of this halo of energy can only lead to different aesthetic results.


Works on display

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Piazza San Domenico, 1
66023 Francavilla al Mare


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