The Naturalistic Museum of the Colfiorito Park is located on the outskirts of Foligno in the so-called Colfiorito hamlet. The Museum was founded in 2002 inside the military warehouse of the area. This structure during the Second World War was used as a prison for Italian, Albanian and Montenegrin civilians. All the objects collected later are now preserved inside the Museum as documentation and historical testimony of the war period. Other materials were discovered throughout the park and are exhibited to tell the geomorphological evolution, fossils and the fauna and botanical characteristics of the plateau. The naturalistic section is certainly of great importance, it includes: the marsh herbarium, the stuffed animals of the highlands and the insects in boxes. The visit is enriched by didactic panels that explore the themes of the biology of the fauna and flora of the Umbrian territory. The Colfiorito Park is one of the richest in terms of variety of bird species and their wintering, migration and nesting.

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Via Adriatica - Loc.Colfiorito,
06034 Foligno


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