The chapter Diocesan Museum of Foligno is located in the city center. The museum is located in the palace of the Canonical in Piazza della Repubblica. The Palace is located near the Cathedral of Foligno and was originally used as the residence of the canons. Today's palace owes its appearance to a series of restorations carried out in the twentieth century. The Museum houses a collection consisting of paintings and sculptures from the Renaissance period to the neoclassical. In particular, the most famous works are certainly the statue of San Feliciano fifteenth, two busts by Bernini and a copy of the Madonna of Foligno by Raphael. An important group is formed by the donation of the Roscioli family that served in Rome on Pope Urban VIII. The exhibition offers numerous works of different origin, specifically of artifacts transported in the museum as a result of earthquakes. The last section of the museum is made up of ancient precious crosses, like the relic of the True Cross in rock crystal and silverware part of the Cathedral. It has recently been added to the tour route the Crypt of San Feliciano, after restoration.

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Largo Giosuè Carducci, 40
06034 Foligno

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