The Primo Conti Foundation is located in the city of Fiesole. The Foundation is based in the 15th-century Villa "Le Coste". The Foundation was established in 1980 as a Documentation and Research Center on the Historical Avant-gardes. Primo Conti was an important artist and writer of the early twentieth century. He has participated in several futurist reviews in Italy and abroad. Family life and the birth of his daughters led him to produce a cycle of works with personal and poetic contents, which are now part of the Collection. For example, we remember the portraits "Portrait of the wife", "Little girl with rubber rabbit", "Little girl and butterfly", "Fruit from above" and "Nudino". The Center has as its fundamental objective the conservation and promotion of contemporary art in particular of the twentieth century. The Foundation today is divided into two main sections: the museum of Primo Conti's works and the archive. The Museum and the Archive represent a unique center of its kind capable of retracing the fundamental historical and artistic avant-gardes. Another focal point is the dissemination of the art of Maestro Primo Conti through the pictorial, literary and musical heritage linked to the historical avant-gardes.

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