closed An artist called Banksy

Curated by: Stefano Antonelli, Gianluca Marziani e Acoris Andipa

The show

Palazzo dei Diamanti presents the exhibition An artist called Banksy, curated by Stefano Antonelli, Gianluca Marziani and Acoris Andipa, conceived and produced by MetaMorfosi Cultural Association, in collaboration with Ferrara Arte. Originally from Bristol, born around 1974, framed within the generic boundaries of street art, Banksy represents the greatest global artist of the new millennium, an exemplary case of popularity for a living author from the time of Andy Warhol.

To speak, instead of the English artist that nobody has ever seen and whose face nobody knows, are his works. Works of unheard of ethical, evocative and thematic power. Banksy represents the best evolution of the original Pop Art, the only one that has connected the roots of pop, hip hop culture, eighties graffiti and the new approaches of digital time.


What arrives at Palazzo dei Diamanti is an impressive event that brings together over 100 original works and objects by the British artist, in an exhibition that gives an account of his entire production: twenty years of activity that begin with the paintings of the very first phase of the his career, until last year's results with works from Dismaland, such as the Mickey Snake sculpture with Mickey Mouse swallowed by a python. Then there are the stencils and, of course, the serigraphs that Banksy considers vital to spread his messages. A painting narrated comprehensively on display by rich textual cards capable of reconstructing stories, anecdotes, origins and relationships, in a path of deepening designed so that the public can discover the artist in his multiple angles. For Pietro Folena, president of MetaMorfosi, «producing, opening and visiting this exhibition dedicated to the deepening and knowledge of the work of the most countercurrent artist on a global scale, in the first days of phase 2 is an act of love, courage and of hope for the value of art and culture, after months of pain and difficulty".


Works on display

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Corso Ercole I d’Este 21
44121 Ferrara


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