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ongoing Joy of drinking

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On November 26, the MIC in Faenza opens to the public an exhibition dedicated to wine and water ceramics in Italy from classical antiquity to the design of the 20th-21st century. The exhibition aims to focus the ceramic forms of drinking from the Greek, Etruscan and Roman world up to the developments of contemporary design, analyzing their use in the conviviality of the table and linking the use of ceramics for wine and water to the social contexts developed by every era to grasp the elements of originality and those of continuity.

“Drinking and eating in company refers to aspects of sharing typical of human nature - specifies the curator of the exhibition Valentina Mazzotti - which necessarily reverberate on the types of ceramics adopted, often peculiar to certain cultures, but also recurrent through the centuries. This is the case of the jug, the ceramic form par excellence used to mix liquids, derived from the oinochoe of the Greek world, which during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance took on morphological characteristics often peculiar to the various territorial areas, later standardized in matrix solutions popular, which have found a new reading in the design of the twentieth century ".

The theme of the exhibition is expressed through about 200 MIC ceramics with a proposal of strong didactic impact but also of considerable artistic and cultural value, which enhances the vastness of the collections of the Museum of Faenza. The works on display are divided into four sections that offer a journey through the centuries in the name of conviviality and ceramic forms related to drinking. It starts from classical antiquity with a wide variety of ceramic pottery related to the sphere of wine consumption, such as the amphora to transport it, the crater and the oinochoe to serve it, the kylix, the skyphos and the kantharos to drink it.


Works on display

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viale Alfredo Baccarini, 19
48018 Faenza


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