The National Archaeological Museum of Eboli and the middle Sele valley is located in Eboli, in southern Campania, a few kilometers from Salerno. The Museum was opened to the public in 2000 and is located inside the former convent of San Francesco, a monumental complex that dates back to 1200. The exhibition presents the museum's collection which includes archaeological finds. From the Upper Neolithic to the Roman age. Of great interest are the tombs found near the village of Madonna della Catena and dating back to the Eneolithic period; the ceramics and the rich funerary objects. In addition to the documentation found in Eboli, there are artifacts found in the municipality of Campagna and in Oliveto Citra. In the cloister of the museum there is the ivory stele, a marble slab from the Roman era. The stele bears a Latin wording that certifies the title of town hall of the ancient Eboli.

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Piazza San Francesco, 1
84025 Eboli

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