Chapel of the Annunciation

The Chapel of the Ss. Annunziata in Cori, built in 1411 by the powerful Spanish cardinal Pedro Fernandez De Frias, was part of a medieval complex built in the early 13th century near the city center. The rectangular chapel with a large barrel vault is entirely painted and represents one of the most important pictorial decorations of the late Gothic of Lazio. The client cardinal was also archbishop of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican and had the chapel decorated according to the iconographic models depicted in the medieval Vatican church. A complex history of commissions and patronages continued and completed the decoration of all the walls on the death of Cardinal De Frias in 1420. Two other Spanish cardinals, Alfonso Carrillo de Albornoz and Juan Cervantes de Llora, had the work completed together with the noble Juan de Tovar , leaving their coats of arms together with that of the crown of Castile, the region of origin of all the protagonists. The Municipality of Cori also participated in the pictorial decoration by commissioning the grandiose Last Judgment of the counter-façade to the privernate painter Pietro Coleberti, completed around 1430. Another workman created the majestic figures of Apostles in the lower register which for the pictorial quality were attributed to a collaborator of the great Florentine painter Masolino da Panicale, a friend of Masaccio in Rome and Florence.

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Via dell'Annunziata, 59
04010 Cori


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