Built in the seventeenth century by the bishop Ulpiano Volpi, a member of the Roman Curia, Volpi Palace was used as a courthouse until the '70s. It was designed by architect Sergio Venturi, Sienese by birth and Roman by adoption, best known for his bier of Pope Paul V. It now houses the Pinacoteca di Como works chronologically divided into four sections. The medieval section presents a large number of sculptures from the Carolingian church of Sant'Abbondio well as sculptures and Romanesque and Gothic frescoes. The Renaissance section offers a selection of the collection of portraits of famous men by Paolo Giovio and significant objects associated with the completion of the cathedral, like stained glass, sculptures, tapestries and wooden models. The section presents a broad overview of paintings from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century artists working in Como with large altarpieces from churches suppressed during the Napoleonic era and paintings from private collections. The twentieth-century section features photographs, paintings, sculptures and furniture prototypes documenting the highlights of the artistic creativity of Antonio Sant'Elia Como from Futurism to the abstract of the Como Group and the synthesis of the arts attempted by Ico Parisi.

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Via Diaz, 84
22100 Como

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