Saint Pancrazio Space

At the end of the '400 the danger of Turkish raids prompted the viceroy Juan Dusay to strengthen the fortifications of Cagliari. To strengthen the northern side of the walls of the Castle District were built a rampart and a ditch next to the medieval tower of San Pancrazio. This defensive system proved soon overcome with the spread of firearms and was later modified by military engineers. In the nineteenth century it became the hospital of Prisons and subsequently deposit the Archaeological Superintendence. For many years the San Pancrazio complex was used as a storage of materials coming from the excavations of the Archaeological Superintendence, while a project drawn up by Raffaello Delogu in the thirties, was to use these environments for exhibition purposes. After the historical and monumental importance of the complex led to rethink its function in terms of destination museum. With the game of Lotto funding the necessary works were financed the construction of an exhibition space for collections acquired the assets of the state, recovering the architectural-defensive values ​​of the complex. To safeguard the spatial unity, we have chosen a structure consisting of load-bearing elements made of steel, a slab regents in wooden slats, which allows to appreciate the original elements of the ancient structures

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Piazza Arsenale, 1
09123 Cagliari


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