The National Art Gallery Of Cagliari

The National Art Gallery of Cagliari is situated in the Citadel of museums, prestigious cultural structure designed in the second half of the twentieth century in the eighteenth century Royal Arsenal, in the ancient district of Castello. Housed in the palace of the late nineteenth century Seziate in nearby Independence Square, and closed to the public since the mid-seventies, he found its final resting place in its current location since 1992.

The building the hosts, rationalist style and designed by Piero Gazzola, incorporates parts of the Spanish sixteenth century walls in a happy blend of ancient and modern. Its location at the top of the Citadel offers visitors an enchanting panoramic view of the city of Cagliari.

The Picture Gallery has paintings from the fifteenth to the twentieth century. The core of the collection consists of the retabli, large altarpieces multi-compartment panel paintings, Catalan and local school (secc. XV-XVI). This collection was formed in the late nineteenth century, following the abolition of ecclesiastical bodies and the acquisition of their patrimony from the state. From the twenties of the twentieth century were added for the purchase or donation of individuals, a significant ethnographic collection - including textiles, jewelery, Sardinian furniture manufacture (buckets. XVIII-XIX) - and a core of weapons and medieval ceramics and modern production Sardinian, Ligurian-Pisa or the Valencian. also they form part of the Pinacoteca an interesting collection of stone and local coats of arms (cent. XIII-XVII), as well as a collection of sculptures in various materials (secc.XII-XIX). The exhibition unfolds on three levels: on the upper floor are the oldest paintings in the middle floor the paintings of the Baroque period and in the downstairs portraits and landscapes of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The other collections are displayed in rotation.

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Piazza Arsenale, 1
09124 Cagliari


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