The EXMA EUR Exhibiting and Moving Arts is located in Villanova district of Cagliari. His name is a tribute to the place that houses it, the Cagliari municipal dell'ammazzatoio space completed in 1852 and operational until 1964. The EXMA is one of the most important exhibition centers of Cagliari and is housed in the former slaughterhouse . In 1993, after extensive renovations, the redeveloped space has been transformed into a place of culture and art dedicated to the many contemporary expressions. EXMA - Exhibiting and Moving Arts is a Municipal Center for Art and Culture that aims to promote and enhance the contemporary arts, interdisciplinary and multicultural sense. The center is home to temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection "Nicola Valley". The collection consists of 650 prints made by Sardinian and Italian artists and donated in 1997 by the local administration Valley heirs. Among the most important artists of the twentieth century we find Giuseppe Biasi, Stanis Dessy, Fois Fois and Mario Delitala.

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