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In the seething magma of '68, while the wave of anti-system, pacifist, revolutionary protest crosses the globe from America to Europe to Asia, seated at a tavern table, Franco Bonvicini draws the first strip of what will become the most ramshackle and famous comic army in the world, winning the Paese Sera award in Lucca for best newcomer. Allergic to hierarchies and caustic towards uniformed power, he was already so since the days of the military, when he had punishments inflicted for incredible irregularities, such as having the 500 in need of a breakdown towed by a tank, while exchanging missives with his friend Francesco Guccini on nobler battles waged with young maidens. The great exhibition Sturmtruppen 50 anni che Genus Bononiae is dedicated to the irreverent genius of Bonvi and the 50 years of his soldiers . Museums in the City and the Carisbo Foundation in collaboration with Eredi Bonvicini host at Palazzo Fava (via Manzoni, 2). A project that had been brewing for two years in the mind of her daughter Sofia, curator of the exhibition together with Claudio Varetto , who opened the Bonvi archives to design an exhibition path of almost 600 square meters in the heart of Bologna, the artistic homeland of the great cartoonist , which a few steps away, in the adjacent via Rizzoli, had his studio until his premature death on 9 December 1995.


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Via Manzoni, 2
40121 Bologna


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