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closed Sturmtruppen 50 anni

The show

In the middle of the upheavals of roaring 1968, while the wave of anti-system, pacifist, revolutionary protest was rising strong all over the globe from America to Europe to Asia, Franco Bonvicini, sitting in a restaurant with friends, created the debut strip of Sturmtruppen, destined to become the world's most famous and most ragtag comic book army, a strip that earned Bonvi the Paese Sera prize for best new artist in Lucca. Bonvi was intolerant to hierarchy and caustic towards the power of “men in uniform” ever since his compulsory military service in the army: at that time he was often punished for amazing misdeeds like having his broken down Fiat 500 car towed by a tank, and all the while he exchanged letters with his friend Francesco Guccini about definitely nobler "battles" engaged in the conquest of young women. The Exhibit Sturmtruppen 50 anni, dedicated to the irreverent genius of Bonvi and to the 50th birthday of his soldaten organised by Genus Bononiae. Musei nella Città and Fondazione Carisbo in partnership with Eredi Bonvicini at Palazzo Fava. 


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Via Manzoni, 2
40121 Bologna


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