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closed Nicola Samorì

Curated by: Alberto Zanchetta, Chiara Stefani

The show

Genus Bononiae. Musei nella Città is proud to present a preview to the public of Sfregi, the first anthological exhibition in Italy by Nicola Samorì (Forlì, 1977), at Palazzo Fava until 25 July. Sfregi is an exhibition project designed by the artist, Nicola Samorì, exclusively for the rooms of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Bologna. An exhaustive and lenticular reading of the path he has undertaken in the last twenty years that illuminates the most representative works of his production. The exhibition - about 80 works ranging from sculpture to painting, from the beginnings to the most recent creations - is a project by Genus Bononiae. Museums in the City, instrumental body of the Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna Foundation. Bologna is the city that saw Samorì form at the Academy of Fine Arts: already in that context his style and his poetics took shape, inextricably linked to a profound need to whip the serenity of images, a practice that has maintained and developed over the years always experimenting with new techniques. The traumas inflicted on the works by the artist - who tries to disturb, transgress and transfigure pre-existing images - in fact, yesterday as today, presuppose a thaumaturgical power. The exhibition at Palazzo Fava is an opportunity for Samorì to come face to face with the entire history of art, and in particular with the Baroque era, articulating a path of suggestions and analogies and triggering a close and intense relationship with the precious friezes that decorate the walls of the noble floor and with some works identified within the Art and History collections of the Carisbo Foundation, such as the evocative portraits of blind women by Annibale Carracci, establishing an "elective affinity", as well as with the spaces, with the same heritage as the Museum. The programmatic intention to connect the works to the space that welcomes them is evident from the vestibule: in the center of the room, dominated by a neoclassical statue of Apollo, there appears a wooden sculpture made by Samorì with an ancient wood, which tells us a constant of the his work: the meticulous research on the subject.


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Via Manzoni, 2
40121 Bologna


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