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On the second floor of the building, the exhibition curated by Francesco Paolo Petronelli pays homage to Giambattista Piazzetta , one of the most original and enigmatic Venetian painters, who left his city only once to stay in Bologna and get to know the works of the Carracci and Guercino up close. .

The exhibition hosted on the second floor of Palazzo Fava is also ideally connected to the theme of light: “ Giambattista Piazzetta. The ingenious contrast of lights ”by Francesco Paolo Petronelli, scheduled for the same dates. It is a tribute to one of the most original and enigmatic painters in the variegated Venetian artistic panorama of the eighteenth century, who left his city only once and did so to come to Bologna to get to know the art of the Carraccis up close - who right at Palazzo Fava they had made their first commissioned fresco cycle - and by Guercino. His painting, which contrasts the colors and brightness of Paolo Veronese and Tiziano with an intimate figure, made up of strong chiaroscuro contrasts, is taken up and interpreted by the most important Venetian engravers of the eighteenth century. The exhibition intends to rediscover and celebrate Piazzetta's bond with Bologna and with the Accademia Clementina, from which he was appointed Academic of Honor, and the intense and fruitful cultural and artistic relations existing between the two cities in the century of the Enlightenment.


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Via Manzoni, 2
40121 Bologna


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