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From 5 May to 18 September, the Lercaro Collection will present a Cross collection. Collections in comparison , an exhibition curated by Leonardo Regano and Francesca Passerini that brings together a selection of works by contemporary artists from a single private collection, formed since the nineties, in dialogue with the museum's collection.

Cross collection. Comparing collections refers to one of the most widespread trends in contemporary collecting, but already present also in the one put into practice by Cardinal Giacomo Lercaro: to go beyond classifications, conventional paths and easily evident relationships to search, through the 'unprecedented juxtaposition of apparently distant works, new and deeper meanings.

What derives from these unusual dialogues is an intense network of relationships that reveal themselves to the gaze of the observer in more or less explicit ways, immediately or gradually, but in any case capable of broadening the breath of reflection by opening it to multiple suggestions. In this way, by breaking the patterns of the exhibition classifications and combining different works, unexpected thematic, visual and conceptual intersections are generated: both today, in the contemporary collection on display, and yesterday, in the very modern work of Lercaro.

The exhibition is divided into five main sections that deal with specific themes: the body, the portrait, still life, languages and some reflections that touch the ethical and social sphere , with particular reference to the delicate aspect of migration.

The first area - the human body - develops from the entrance where, in relation to the mirror-installation that Nanda Vigo designed for the museum in 2016, the public is welcomed by the beautiful nest-womb in woven wire by Sissi and , a little further on, from the mirroring work of Flavio Favelli , which returns to the observer the reflection of his own image while at the same time becoming the gateway to an introspective journey.


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Via Riva di Reno, 57
40122 Bologna


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