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In an open dialogue between ancient and contemporary art, between different means of expression, between reflections on space and function, the exhibition by Ugo La Pietra offers the public not only the possibility of exploring one of the most singular figures of our years but of rereading the large Carrara collection thanks to four installations and a special project: three historical works, an unpublished work made specifically for the Bergamo exhibition and in direct reference to Madonna and Child by Jacopo di Antonello and an interactive installation dedicated to citizenship. The project is completed by the audiovisual section hosted at GAMeC, four historical films from the 70s and the documentary Ugo La Pietra. Unbalancing project by Lucio La Pietra, dedicated to the exhibition at the Milan Triennale 2014/2015.

In the Carrara Academy, on the first floor, in the rooms dedicated to the masterpieces of Italian and international art of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, La Pietra presents four installations that relate directly to the spaces and works of the museum, using different expressive means: from design ceramic to glass.

NATURAL SIGNALS 2019 Ceramic column, blown glass container, blown Murano glass cherries Explicit reference to the Madonna and Child by Jacopo di Antonello dated 1480;

THE LAST 2017 DINNER 12 plates in engobed and hand-engraved ceramic by the author and 12 test-tubes in painted transparent glass, on a wooden trestle structure;

OPEN BOOKS. INFERNO, PURGATORY, PARADISE 2018 Three engobed and engraved ceramic books and drawings on trestle structure Wood. Quotations from the work of St. Jerome by Bartolomeo Montagna;

OPEN BOOKS 2004/2008 Books in engobed ceramic and engraved on metal trestles.


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Piazza Giacomo Carrara, 82
24121 Bergamo


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Until 28 August 2022

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