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After the loan of I musici di Caravaggio from the Metropolitan Museum of New York (until 30 August 2020), the Accademia Carrara offers a new opportunity for the public and for the city of Bergamo, thanks to the generosity of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna which has granted until October the exhibition of Titian's masterpiece Mars, Venus and Love (1555-1560).


The work, already present in the Titian and Caravaggio exhibition in Peterzano, will be visible in a new setting within the exhibition path of the Bergamo museum, in room 18, in dialogue with the masters of Venetian painting of the late sixteenth century. Mars, Venus and Cupid is among the greatest examples of sixteenth-century lagoon culture, particularly sensitive to the profane themes of which Titian is a master in the naturalness of gestures and in the drafting of a soft and pink painting.


In the canvas, Mars and Venus come together in a sensual embrace, while Love - in flight with quiver, arrow and bow - watches over them with satisfaction. An episode taken from Ovid's Metamorphoses, but Titian changes its setting, inserting the characters in a luxuriant landscape, typical of the Venetian figurative tradition.

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Piazza Giacomo Carrara, 82
24121 Bergamo


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