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GAMeC's participation in Artists' Film International continues, the prestigious network dedicated to video art which since 2008 has involved some of the most important international contemporary art institutions and artists from all over the world. As usual, each institution was invited to nominate an artist from its own country and to present his work through a video work in relation to the proposed theme, which for this edition - which sees the continuation of the hybrid format adopted last year, both online which in presence – is the "Climate".

The curators Sara Fumagalli and Valentina Gervasoni have selected the collective artist Flatform for the GAMeC with the work That which will come is only a promise (That which is to come is just a promise) (2019), which will be presented to the public from 14 October 2022 to January 8, 2023 , and online on the museum website during the first week of programming. The promise suggested by the title of the short film is that triggered by the passage from the state of waiting to that of surprise, or rather the possibility or not that situations that in the present show themselves only in fragments, flashes or absences, are fulfilled. And that promise also refers to the probable disappearance of Tuvalu, a microscopic state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, due to climate change. A promise that is actually a threat of impotence, indecision and restlessness.

The film is shot in Funafuti, an atoll in the Tuvalu archipelago where for some years, due to the overheating of the sea, salt water has risen from the subsoil, emerges through the porosity of the soil and floods it, putting the future of life on the sea at risk. island. In a long sequence shot, the state of drought and flooding alternate fluidly, without interruption. The places and the actions of its inhabitants plant the two recurring situations of the island: the suspension given by the repeated state of transition between solid and liquid, between dry and flooded, and the uncertainty to be experienced while waiting for the next change, which force man to reflect on his condition, and to constantly question it, as the only possibility to adapt to the world. Together with That which is to come is just a promise, the museum will also present previous works by Flatform – Quantum (2015) and Movements of an Impossible Time (2011) – which well convey the poetics , or the will to create realities with new temporal and spatial plans, continuously interrupting the normal processes that lead from causes to effects.

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Until 28 May 2023

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