closed Daniel Buren for Bergamo

Curated by: Lorenzo Giusti

The show

After the months of suspension of activities due to the lockdown, the GAMeC - Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bergamo announces the opening of the Daniel Buren exhibition. Illuminate the space, work in situ and located, on view from Thursday 9 July 2020 at the historic Palazzo della Ragione, the gallery's summer venue for the third consecutive year.


The presentation of a new, important international exhibition project within a symbolic place of the Italian city most affected by the recent pandemic today assumes a strong symbolic value, as a sign of rebirth, as well as bringing with it an innate artistic value and Research.

Prominent exponent of the Institutional Critique - the tendency towards critical interrogation of artistic institutions that emerged around the end of the sixties of the last century - Daniel Buren used for the first time in 1965, as a support for his own painting reduced to grade 0, an awning, whose 8.7 cm white and colored vertical stripe motif has become, from that moment on, a visual device used by the artist in all his works, from exhibitions to public commissions. Illuminating the space, works in situ and located arises from the encounter between these fundamental orientations of the artist's research and the most recent interest in light, and in particular for the qualities and the aesthetic and constructive potential of optical fiber.


Timetable and tickets


Via di San Tomaso, 53
24121 Bergamo


More planned

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Until 13 February 2022

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